Kyle Buc

Kyle Buc’s story illustrates dedication, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of justice in the field of consumer rights law. As a teacher, he exhibits career achievements with dedication, having co-founded the firm now known as Buc & Cus Company that now sits firmly among national representations in consumer rights law.

Early Education and Inspiration

Kyle was inspired into the discipline of law with his undergraduate degree in Political Science at the University of Ohio, from which he graduated with honors. From early years, he showed signs of justice and equality, through engaging in debates and volunteering to give legal aid. Consequently, motivated by the way which the law could be a transformative agent in people’s lives, he opted for a career where he could make a difference.

Following attaining his undergraduate degree, Kyle was admitted into the University of Ohio for the Law School. Law School focuses more on consumer rights and public interest law, where he worked. But it was during his time there that Kyle proved himself not only academically but also as an active member at the Legal Aid Clinic, offering pro bono services to clients that could not afford them.

Formative Professional Experiences

Working for a law firm renowned for its success in litigation in consumer protection, Kyle honed his career as a junior attorney in litigation covering the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In Kyle’s career, this time produced cases with groundbreaking litigation that set precedents for consumer rights law. His commitment to the clients he defended and clever brainstorms on how to approach the legal strategy for each case produced countless victories, culminating in a landmark case which resulted in significant reforms for credit reporting practices.

The Birth of Buc & Cus Company

Although Kyle found great success in law, he felt a calling to start his own law firm where clients could receive service in a more consumer-oriented, family-firm sense. This vision led him to co-found Buc & Cus Company, alongside Emily Cus—a fellow attorney with like values and expertise that would be accommodated to establish a comprehensive practice in consumer rights law and with much outreach and impact. From the onset, Buc & Cus Company was created to be different. Kyle envisioned a firm that would not only advocate at the highest levels of litigation for consumers but would also work to educate and empower them about their rights.

Under Kyle’s guidance, the firm is fast rising to become a leader in consumer rights law, with a special focus on background check errors, FCRA, and FDCPA issues.

Legacy and Future Aspirations

Today, Kyle continues to lead by example, mentoring junior lawyers and advocating for legislative changes that protect consumers. The work of Kyle has not only brought justice to many a person but also contributed to broader societal awareness and reform. Looking to the future, Kyle’s devotion to the law and for consumer rights has not waned one iota. With several high-profile cases on the calendar and a roster of commitment to expand the reach and scope of his firm, he seems far from retiring. Kyle’s story is one of inspiration, a reminder of the power of law as an agent of good in society.